Meet VLAdiLA, a family-owned design brand founded in 2018 with the purpose of bringing joy into people’s homes.
Founded in 2009, Montana has become a beacon of quality and innovation in the furniture industry. With a rich heritage in craftsmanship, the company offers a diverse range of products from classic to modern designs. Emphasizing strong partnerships and a commitment to enhancing living spaces, Montana is a trusted name in stylish, durable furniture.
We design sharp and timeless solutions for ever-changing environments. For us, dynamic change in living and working spaces nowadays has opened a breach for new, bold ideas. We regard change as an opportunity. The uniqueness of our products stems from our innovative design approach, forward looking-techniques and an everlasting love for traditional craftsmanship.
Romina Furniture
Integrity means doing it right when nobody is watching
Quality furniture that is built to last
A symbol of innovation and ecological production in the furniture industry, IMOB produces over 20,000 chairs monthly, being the most complex furniture factory in North-East Romania. “The wood we use comes from our area. We are FSC certified and audited by Smeta and Elevate”, state the company’s representatives.
Leea's Room
Leea’s Room is a luxurious haven for young hearts, blending whimsy and elegance in perfect harmony. Soft pastel hues and playful accents create a dreamy atmosphere, while high-end furnishings and intricate details add a touch of sophistication.
Welcome to ARBORE, where the essence of premium furniture blends seamlessly with the soul of a cherished family enterprise. As a multifaceted design brand nurtured by Carel Woodworks in Transylvania—renowned as the Creative East—we are dedicated to crafting furniture and interior objects that promote a lifestyle of good-hearted living. Our creations are a testament to the harmonious balance between beauty, simplicity, elegance, and meaning.
Simex is a prominent furniture company based in Romania, known for its significant presence in the industry. Specializing in the manufacturing and retail of various furniture pieces, Simex distinguishes itself through the quality of its products and innovative design.
Founded in 2004 by Anamaria Ștefan Georgescu, the Sophia brand emerged from a vision to pioneer a distinctive concept of bespoke, custom-made products and home decor design & consulting, specializing in luxury curtains and sheers.
Voicu, a Romanian designer born in Piatra-Neamt and now based in Bucharest, epitomizes the fusion of aesthetics and functionality in his creations. With a keen eye for modern and organic influences, Voicu’s designs transcend conventional boundaries, seamlessly blending sculptural elements with parametric modeling techniques.
Bradul Maneciu
We’ve been producing in Romania for 31 years We create a wide variety of pieces, both for HOME and HoReCa, ranging from flower stands to exceptional upholstered products such as sofas, armchairs, and chairs, as well as bedrooms, living rooms, hotel furniture, bar furniture, and restaurant furniture.